Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st week of Rome

Wow, it has already been a week here in Rome but it feels like only a day. It's weird to have done so much though. The first few days were spent getting familiar with my directions from the Campo de Fiori back to my apartment in Via Dandolo 19. This was a very long trek in the beginning. Fortunately, it feels shorter every time as the days go by. Shopping in the market is like HEAVEN to me. I love buying fresh fruits and veggies. You can't get it like this in Seattle. Well, maybe you can but it would be more expensive too. Thank goodness I have a whole month here in Rome! <-- That's my apartment kitchen So many new experiences and so little time. I have learned to order coffee. Favorite cafe is still Magnolia. Its so close to the UWRC so its convenient, delicious, and familiar since I go there practically every day. Sometimes twice a day. Words cannot describe my experience here. So here are some pictures! MmMm...lovely weather. The clouds are amazing. This is on the way to the apartment going across Ponte Sisto. Those little tents are for later in the night when they have stands set out for a night market! AND that's David taking his first sip of alcohol....ever :) Wine with dinner is the best. Of course there HAS to be good food. This is on the first night of dinner with everyone. Yummm tiramisu was my favorite. Yay, Carmen! Espresso after dinner? Somebody is staying up tonight! <--"AAUUU!" Pretty ladies, plus Roman looking confused. And of course so beautiful looking Italians coming out for some fun. Woot woot! It's the Colosseum and it's awesome. Here's everyone else at the Colosseum... Yes, this pictures so good I had to put it in twice.

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  1. Umm, well I guess my first actual post was a disaster with the pics. Better luck next post!